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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Confirmed items (sponsored):

1. Balloons, helium gas, ribbons n balloon weights - Cik Ros.
2. Papers (colored) for origami (1 or 2 reams)- Cikyaya & Abam Fazz.
3. Drinks (150s)- Cikyana
4. Goodies (chocs, sweets, layer cake, waffer, twisties, cloud 9) - Mek n CK.
5. Gameboy - CK's friend
6. Cupcakes (50pcs) - Ciknad

Not confirmed items (sponsored):

1. Chocs/biscuits - Cik Sue
2. Banner + Tag - Tok Ketua

Items to buy using fund:
(all for patients and ward staff)

1. Paperbag for goodies (70pcs) - Ciknad RM70
2. Packed food (nasi lemak/mihun) - CK RM300
3. Clown stuff - Cikika RM100
4. Cupcakes (150pcs) - Ciknad RM150
5. Mugs as goodies (70s) - Mek RM140
6. Cartridge (1) - CK RM100
7. Souvenir for artists/guests/press - unknown.

Please note that:

1. Theme color for our shirt is RED, no longer white ok. it's RED. no jersy. especially Man U mueheheh..

To Do List:

1. Mem to prepare media invite/press release. pass to mek, mek will pass to pn.
2. Mek to ask pn about sheila majid. ask also about ijn videoclips so we can put up at balai/event page.
3. CK to confirm/finalize on artists attendance/PS2 sponsorship.


CK, Mek n her osmet will be at IJN on friday nite 8pm to arrange goodie bags. we will keep them at IJN. cikyana can come if u want to put ur 13 cartons of drinks too heheh.
CK, as a reminder, before meet up u must take paperbags from ciknad first.

Ok, I think that's about it!
Next conf is tomoro nite. same time same place.


Peraih udang dari Zimbabwe said...

Keep up the good works, guys! Very proud of you all!

yaya|azura said...

nak kene berusaha utk prektis nie....

Dory said...

baru nak pakai jersi Man U ni.. hehe