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Sunday, December 14, 2008

IJN Have A Heart Project

dear all,

pls be informed that:

1. the event is on 20th dec 08 (11am-2pm). we should gather by 1030am at IJN.
pls put down your name as attendee if u are coming. i need the figures!

2. everyone, pls wear WHITE shirt. yg penting is shirt ok. lain2 accessories like white cap, white shoes or white headband pon bole but yg penting is WHITE SHIRT. pls, it's a must!

i need these names to confirm me a.s.a.p on your contribution:

1. cik ros: balloons n helium gas.
2. cik sue: chocolates.
3. cik nad: balloons n ribbons, cupcakes.
4. cikyaya/ira: game materials.
5. ck: imran ajmain (attendance/sponsor).
6. tok ketua: kek n banner.
7. ira: diddy af (attendance/sponsor).
- i will call diddy tomoro.
- i already have chocs n sweets for doorgift.
8. zool/k.e: badut. heheh. Korg ada contact tak mane2 badut yg buat belon?
9. cik fizz: books/reading materials.
10. PL: farah af (attendance).
11. anyone who would like to confirm on sponsorhip. ke ada mek termiss?

i need details peeps!


1. doorgift. i already have 2 items (as above).
i need 1 or 2 more items to put in the bag. ideas? am goin out now to find that bags for goodies. wish me luck!

2. packed food. who's willing to take charge? we need 70 packs. i suggest something like sandwich/fruits. or u think nasi goreng or mihun pon bole? tlg la ada org yg mahu bertindak pls =) muahh..

3. dear cikyaya, mek da mati kutu nk main ape. i was thinking something like pepakura or origami. just choose one item, kita praktis smpi cemerlang, i need u to get some color papers for the kids. mungkin burung. burung ape?
it's cheaper n easy right? (kalo nk dptkan coloring books or puzzle, byk lak ongkos. pensil lagi. hehe).

4. anyone who needs to use some money from our fund, pls contact ciknad. ciknad, pls allocate some money for a gameboy (max:rm300. harap2 dpt semurah ni hihi). if we cant get the artists to sponsor the ps2, we just need to buy the gameboy (for any 1 lucky kid who wants a gameboy). ck n myself, i need the answer tomorrow ok!

anything else, pls update here! n i need ur prompt reply.

kindly refer to the discussion board as well.

posted by Mek Mafia.

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bha said...

i'm coming....